Who are the use case partners of the champI4.0ns project?

In our series “Champs behind champI4.0ns” we present the partners of the use case with the objective of autonomous process control in pellet production – NET Automation

NET-Automation has become one of the most innovative companies for digitalization and automation technology in Austria due to extensive R&D activities. The specialization as a total solution provider for integrated systems ranges from mechanical and electrical planning to the associated CE marking, including the corresponding risk analyses. In recent years, a strong team of developers could be built up especially for the area of software development, from the PLC level to high-level language programming. Since 2017, Net-Automation has been dealing with the topic of neural networks in automation technology for the optimization of production.

A significant reason why Net-Automation became part of the champI4.0ns consortium is its many years of experience in the automation of complex industrial plants, especially in the wood processing industry.

In the run-up to the project, a study was carried out with Holzcluster Steiermark and HASSLACHER PREDING Holzindustrie on plant data collection and related optimizations. Furthermore, related projects for wood processing companies were successfully carried out. 

Their contribution to the project is as a technology partner specializing in the implementation of AI-based production optimizations that develop added value in the real operations of industrial users, and with the help of champI4.0ns they expect to expand their knowledge in this domain with regard to the acquisition and integration of data or data analyses. Thus, they are able to offer customers in the wood industry even more efficient AI solutions for their production processes. 

left: Ing. Gernot Theuermann; right: Dipl.-Ing. Walter Rieger