Who are the tech partners of the champI4.0ns project?

In our series “Champs behind champI4.0ns” we introduce the tech partners of nexyo.

nexyo is a 2020 founded Deep-Tech-StartUp with headquarters in Vienna. Deep-Tech means at this point: a company with the expressed purpose of providing technology that will offer solutions for significant scientific or technical challenges. In this case, it is the nexyo Datahub, which enables cross-company data exchange in the decentralized data economy. All this under the condition that the complexity is left “under the hood” and not passed on to the user. The core concept of the nexyo DataHub is cross-company data exchange while maintaining the highest possible level of sovereignty.

For nexyo, champI4.0ns is a forward-looking approach to unlocking potential by collaborating across company boundaries in a data-driven way – for the added value of all.

In addition to the innovative, collaborative approach to working together, nexyo employees also see the issue of sustainability as an important aspect. They believe that data exchange in the wood industry can make a significant contribution to sustainability. If we connect data sources with each other instead of letting them either go unused or even duplicate production, enormous optimization potential is created on very many levels.

As a software provider, nexyo is involved in use cases in which they provide the underlying technical infrastructure for the use case participants.

The overarching objective of champI4.0ns is the (further) development of methods and tools that allow intelligent and sovereign use of data in production, as well as the clarification of the potential of cross-company data use with the help of demonstrators. As part of this project, nexyo also wants to demonstrate the relevance of data ecosystems in the wood industry, gain insights into the industry and get to know the needs of customers better in order to be able to support its customers even better as a software provider in the future.

Natascha Totzler, nexyo