Who are the tech partners of the champI4.0ns project?

In our series “Champs behind champI4.0ns” we introduce the tech partners of Semantic Web Company.

The Semantic Web Company (SWC) offers solutions in the area of information data and knowledge management, using semantic technologies and knowledge graphs. SWC is a software provider of the self-developed software: PoolParty Semantic Suite, which is used by about 150 customers worldwide. The company offers its solutions in Europe, North America and Southeast Asia, and serves customers in the areas of consulting & IT, finance, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, as well as manufacturing. With nearly 20 years of experience in semantic technologies and knowledge graphs, SWC provides enterprise solutions for companies and organizations looking to implement and optimize modern metadata and data management.

SWC has been actively involved in industry and research projects in the area of data, information and knowledge management for almost 20 years. In R&D projects, SWC contributes technology and expertise on the one hand, and also plays a transfer role between research and industry on the other. It is precisely these two tasks that SWC also performs in the champI4.0ns consortium.

Furthermore, knowledge graphs (symbolic AI) are also becoming an increasingly important and central building block for modern data management in the area of value chains and supply chains – including in the manufacturing industry along Industry 4.0 approaches. SWC can contribute a lot here with technologies and products – including in the areas of Digital Product Passport, data modeling and Digital Twin, etc.  The champI4.0ns project – also as a bilateral project between Germany and Austria – is ideally suited for expanding knowledge and products in these areas.

What is special about champI4.0ns is the bilateral nature of the project between Germany and Austria, the challenge of seamless data management along the entire value chain and supply chains of the wood industry, and the consortium itself with its diversity in industries and research. 

SWC is mainly involved in the area of data modeling, data harmonization and thus in the area of interoperability, including semantic interoperability, metadata management, vocabularies and knowledge graphs.  With the help of champI4.0ns SWC wants to achieve on the one hand an enlargement of the network in industry and research in the German-speaking area, on the other hand an additional positioning in the market segment wood industry and industry 4.0 of the products and services of SWC and thus an expansion of the market. the acquisition of new knowledge and an improvement of products and services through the champI4.0ns R&D project.