Who are the use case partners of the champI4.0ns project?

In our series “Champs behind champI4.0ns” we introduce the partners of Weitzer Woodsolutions.

Weitzer Woodsolutions transforms the robust raw material wood into the lightweight material of the future. In addition to components made of carbon, aluminum, fiberglass or steel: Wood can do everything, if you know how.

Easy to process and enormously versatile, wood is a durable companion that knows no limits. Properly processed, the raw material does not splinter, is non-combustible and extremely durable. It is not for nothing that wood has been and continues to be used in all climatic zones to enrich our lives. The advantages are obvious: lower weight, sustainable product cycles and efficient costs.

Weitzer Woodsolutions are strongly transforming their value chain towards circular economy and digital efficiency and they have indeed found that at champI4.0ns.

What makes champI4.0ns special is that it is the first approach in Central Europe to establish a complete digital business case in the wood industry in terms of a customer-to-customer data value chain.

The team of Weitzer Woodsolutions works together with the partners of Joanneum Research on the use case “stairs”. The objective is the complete digital internal value chain. They want to achieve the closed data ecosystem based on an internal fully digital process.