Who are the use case partners of the champI4.0ns project?

In our series “Champs behind champI4.0ns” we present the partners of the use case“Traceability from finished furniture to grown tree” – IoT40.

IoT40 Systems GmbH, founded in 2016, develops many innovations in the fields of automated process control and AI that are successful on the market.
IoT40’s core business is the use of optical artificial intelligence to, for example:
a) To detect bees, their species and sex, and other insects at the entrance hole of a hive (Bee-O-Meter as a biological sensor).
b) to recognize structures of wood and their position in further processing (e.g. for Mayer Melnhof, Hasslacher, etc.)

Through its partnership with ADH Mölltal & Möbel, IoT40 Systems GmbH has developed a system for tracing from the piece of furniture to the grown tree in the case of single trunk removal. IP for this lies with ADH Mölltal Möbel. Through the cooperation with ADH Mölltal & Möbel they develop solution approaches, such as:

  • Logs can be reliably identified via annual rings and other features
  • Data along the entire process from the forest to the sawmill to the manufacture of the end product is clearly assigned and stored in a central database
  • A digital material or product passport for wood and furniture is created

Together with ADH Mölltal & Möbel they have developed their own use. In it, they focus on tracing a wood product to the grown tree based on AI and suitable for bulk harvesting.