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The #INFORMATIK2022 is the official annual conference of the German Informatics Society (GI) the largest association of computer scientists in the German-speaking world and is held annually at different locations. The 52nd Annual Conference INFORMATIK 2022 will take place from 26. to 30.09.2022 in Hamburg as an attendance event.

The framework theme of INFORMATIK 2022 is “Computer Science in the Natural Sciences”. This theme focuses on the synergies of the various science disciplines with computer science. Natural sciences observe and fathom nature through empiricism and experiments in order to make it understandable and usable. Computer science plays a special role in this by enabling complex analyses and predictions and processing, managing and visualizing large amounts of data. On the one hand, the natural sciences use computer science as a tool, on the other hand, nature is a model and source of inspiration in the various fields of computer science.

In addition to contributions on the main topic, INFORMATIK 2022 provides an insight into other topics that are currently receiving special attention in science, practice and society. These are, for example, Web Science, Data Science, Internet of Everything, Secure and Reliable Systems, AI, Autonomous Driving and Mobility, Quantum Computing, Digital Health, Green Coding, Robotics, Industry 4.0, Software Engineering, Computer Ethics, and Computer Science Didactics.

At INFORMATIK 2022, we bring together discussion partners from science, politics and business, shed light on social and political contexts and seek dialog with all interested parties.

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